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Grow your customer base through mass Networks

Unlike traditional influencer marketing, Micro Influencer marketing allows you to reach a large number of people through a vast network of many influencers, instead of just one or a few, causing your brand to potentially trend with the use of hashtags.


Reach REAL people through targeting

With Micro Influencer marketing, you will reach people who organically engage in what their friend's are up to, and not just a celebrity they follow.


Up to 8%+ Engagement Rate

A study has proven that IG Users with 1-10 Million followers earned likes only 1.7% of the time. Users with 10K -100K followers achieved a 2.4% like rate Users with 1K -10K followers earned likes at a 4% rate Users with fewer than 1K followers generated likes 8% of the time.


More Affordable Campaigns

Micro Influencers not only have higher engagement, but they are also more affordable than celebrities or profiles with millions of followers. Mega Influencers sometimes charge up to $100,000 for a single Instagram post promoting a single product. 


You Choose your Budget

While using the Verifyed Micro Influencer platform, you will be the controller of your own budget. Traditional Influencer Marketing websites have much higher budget requirements, and often times the brands have to reach out to the influencers. On Verifyed, you tell us how many people you'd like us to reach, and we take care of the rest.


Sit Back, Relax, and Watch your Numbers Grow.

After you set up your campaign, we send a notification to all qualifying Micro Influencers on our platform and those who accept the job post your Ad almost immediately, in accordance with your guidelines. This allows your brand to obtain INSTANT attraction across thousands of networks.

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